TV Beds

The TV Bed is without providing a revolution in home entertainment. Can you imagine anything more special than the ability to lie back and press a button on your remote control and watch television slowly rise out from the base of you bed. Your bed with TV will become your newest friend and companion – the last thing you see before you go to sleep and first thing you see before you get up in the morning. None of this would have been possible without the advent of the new style of lightweight flat screen televisions. The retractable compartment in the footboard can take sets up to 32”. Although this is not big by modern standards the fact it is only six feet away from you as you recline in comfort makes it cinematic in size. We definitely recommend getting the best quality low sheen HD TV to go with your bed for two reasons – firstly you are very close to the screen and with a non-HD 32” television then some degree of pixilation would be visible and secondly because you are embarking on an odyssey of opulence and your TV bed quite simply deserves the very best accessories. The mechanism in pop up TV is completely hidden within the bed frame – it will silently raise the screen and then be completely hidden whilst the screen is raised for view. The bed frame will accommodate all standard sets but please check with the manufacturers before you purchase the TV.

Cheapest TV Beds

Don’t look for the cheapest look for the best – you will spend almost half of your life lying down so do you really want to look for the cheapest? The beds come with a whole range coverings and fabrics to suit your feelings, bedroom and budget. There are even custom options giving you an infinite number of colour and material options.

Dreams TV Bed

It is guaranteed that the quality of your dreams will improve with the quality of the bed. The mattress will have some effect upon your slumber and so will the DVD you watch as the sandman comes to visit you late at night. So choose carefully…. There are no limits to the levels of entertainment you might be able to achieve with your newest purchase. The combined and hidden hi-fidelity sonic speakers will bring all 5.1 channels of home cinema to you without need for you to even take your head off your pillow or take off your pyjamas. DVD players and games consoles can all be unobtrusively stowed away in the specially designed compartment – this means that, like the telly, they will not disrupt the look of the elegant furniture. The games console controllers and DVD remotes etc can similarly be hidden from view. So you’ve selected the bed size, bed frame the super comfortable memory foam mattress – that only leaves you to try to select the best things to watch… For the more pedestrian of you then it’ll just be a case of watching Eastenders without having to get up out of bed. For the more imaginative of you then a whole world of possibilities will open up to you. Horror Films This should could with BIG warning – when you watch a scary film on your TV bed then you will find yourself having the most vivid scary experience that you could ever have – normally when you watch a terrifying film you have to change the environment before attempting to sleep, because you walk from the living room to the bedroom. When you watch the film whilst hiding in bed under the blanket – you will have to sleep in the same place that you got scared whittles. Adult Films The same rule applies as with horror films – the experience becomes all the more real….   Have fun in your Bed with Television…  

Double TV Bed
Double size bed with TV. Available in Black, Brown and Cream. Best Value TV bed in the UK Hardwood base with padded headboards....
King Size TV Bed
King size bed with TV. Available in Black, Brown and Cream. Best Value TV bed in the UK Hardwood base with padded headboards...
Super King Size TV Bed
Super King size bed with TV. Available in Black, Brown and Cream. Best Value TV bed in the UK Hardwood base with padded head...

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